Friday, September 28

And Here are 31 (More) Flavors of Kelly

  1. I can watch reruns of Friends, Will & Grace, The Office and Arrested Development over and over and laugh at jokes I've laughed at hundred times.
  2. I’d rather be stranded on a desert island than have to leave someone stranded. Though few times I’ve helped someone on the side of the street who are having apparent car trouble.
  3. I don’t laugh when I watch Seinfeld.
  4. If I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, I have a hard time getting motivated to do it. Now that I write that, it seems pretty normal.
  5. I can also eat baked potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  6. I have spent over $6,000 on fixing my car in the last 2 years and I only paid $9,000 for it 6 years ago. Does that make it a $15,000 car?
  7. I love being social but feel I have few friends.
  8. I love going to the beach but hate going into the ocean.
  9. I love skiing and sledding and watching the snow fall but generally dislike being in the snow.
  10. I want to visit Colorado, Oregon, and Washington so I can say why I want to live there when I’m older.
  11. I often turn on the TV not to watch it but just to avoid feeling completely alone.
  12. I have many strong beliefs but love to talk to and learn about people who don’t share similar beliefs.
  13. I believe that God is very aware of his children, loves them dearly, and still allows miracles to happen.
  14. My very first crush was on Disney’s Robin Hood--the cartoon fox.
  15. I feel I look my best in collared shirts.
  16. I love anything banana or apple flavored or scented.
  17. Reading self-help books makes me feel normal.
  18. I have never had a job longer than a year.
  19. I love colors.
  20. I have never seen the original Star Wars movies.
  21. Occasionally, when I’m in awkward physical positions (laying down, upside-down, etc.) or when it’s funny enough, I’ll snort when I laugh.
  22. I want to name my first daughter Olivia and I’ve wanted this way before Olivia was ever a popular girl’s name.
  23. I used to get called Freckle Face and Olive Oyl (when they found out my middle name) in elementary school.
  24. I have eaten cow stomach, horse tongue, rabbit, duck, and lamb and understand why people are vegetarians.
  25. I used to wear jewelry all the time but ever since my mission, I have a really hard time wearing anything but earrings.
  26. I still remember the first time (and I think the last time) I stole something. It was a Funshine Care Bear magnet from the grocery store when I was 4.
  27. I am fond of strong smells… even the notoriously bad ones like the cattle ranch, farts, geysers, gasoline, etc.
  28. My favorite scent is the smell of wet cement. I used to lie by the pool and lick the cement so I could just lay stomach-down smelling it.
  29. I am often in the best mood when I’m out eating with my husband.
  30. I am fascinated by and love all my brothers but wish I knew them better.
  31. I find experience inspiring and can often learn something from anything.


Amy said...

I liked reading your list of fun facts. You are still so clever, and funny. I bet not too many people can say that they knew you when you really scooped ice cream at 31 flavors (Baskin Robins). You sure made a mean scoop! You had the forearm to proove it too!

Katie said...

Ahhh, good ole Kelly! This is why I love you....because you love to share meaningless facts about yourself that are quite fascinating! And I hope that didnt sound rude, because I really admire this about you. I would have a hard time sitting down and analyzing my life like that and then writing it down for everyone to read. So I'm glad thare are people like you that do it. Anyway, how are you!??! Things are great in FL. Hot and humid, but beautiful. I'm excited for your house....building is a pain, but well worth it once you're in.

jared & amber said...

Dude, you really got a huge arm from all that scooping.

I love Will and Grace!

jared & amber said...

For real though, how long did it take you to write all that???